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Lucky For Life


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The “lucky4life” account by IBL Bank is a term deposit providing you with multiple free chances of winning the Lebanese lotto prize, and of becoming the new billionaire without even paying for a single lotto ticket!

• Open your “lucky4life” account with a minimum deposit of USD 10,000 or LBP 15,000,000.
• Get a very competitive fixed interest rate each year.
• In addition, get 104 FREE Lebanese Lotto grids per year.
• Your chances of becoming a billionaire will be renewed each year, as long as your account remains with us, under the “Lucky4life” program.
• Choose your 6 favorite numbers, and guarantee your participation with this preset grid in all upcoming Lebanese Lotto draws!
• Benefit from our free SMS Banking service, sending you an SMS confirming the Lotto numbers selected as well as all necessary information regarding your account.
• If you win, IBL Bank will collect the sum earned and will credit your account accordingly!

For each deposit of USD 10,000 or LBP 15,000,000, you will get 104 free lotto grids per year! (For a deposit of USD 20,000 or LBP 30,000,000 you get 208 free grids… etc.)

What if YOU were the next billionaire?!

Thursday, December 08, 2016

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