The Arab Trade Financing Program (ATFP) is a specialized multi-Arab financial institution with a mission to promote Arab trade, like import and export, and to increase the competitive capabilities of the Arab producers and exporters. The ATFP Loans facilitate trading between Arab Countries with loans up to USD 3,000,000.

  • Eligible Goods:
    • Transactions of goods of Arab origin and associated services
    • Goods for which the Added Value within the Arab Countries is ≥ 40%
    • Imports of capital goods essential for production from non-Arab countries
  • Economic Sector:
    • Industry
    • Trading
  • Currency of Facility: USD
  • Applicable Interest Rate (ATFP rate)
    • For 6 months financing: = ATFP rate +3%
    • From 6 to 24 months financing: ATFP rate +3%
  • Repayment Period of each commitment: Semi-annual payments within a maximum of 5 years (maximum of 10 semi-annual payments in total)
  • Collateral: Case by case