Euro Cards

Euro Cards
The Platinum EURO card is targeted specifically for travelers to Europe, to spend in the local currency and enjoy their trips with a light wallet!

  • Minimum Limit: EUR 150
  • No Maximum Limit.
  • 100% settlement at the end of each cycle
  • Cash Withdrawal: 1.1% of amount with a minimum of EUR 5
  • Annual Membership Fee: EUR 150
  • Renewal fee: EUR 125
SMS Notification for 1€/month, Fraud insurance coverage –for only 11Euro/year, Travel insurance accepted at all embassies for only 1€/month, Priority Pass Card for all VIP Airport lounges around the world
  • The card cycle end is fixed on the 25th of each month
  • The client will receive an SMS message on the 26th notifying the minimum due
  • The payment is due on the 27th of the month

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