Alumni Balamand

Alumni Balamand
Exclusively for UoB Alumni.
IBL Bank Balamand Alumni Credit Card is exclusively for UoB alumni members. Proudly display your passion for your university by signing up for this uniquely customized card. Contribute to the Balamand loyalty program while making your regular purchases. The more you spend using your card, the more your university benefits since 50% of all commissions on your purchases are donated to the UoB alumni to support its social achievements.

  • The option to choose your own repayment method: from 10% monthly payment up to 100% of the outstanding limit.
  • SMS notification for every transaction made on your card (for 1$/month).
  • Fraud insurance coverage.
  • Benefit from one of the best travel insurances accepted at all embassies for visa requests.
  • The card cycle end is fixed on the 25th of each month
  • You will receive an SMS message on the 26th notifying you of the minimum due
  • You have a grace period extended till the 9th of M+1 of purchase date

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