Lebanese Dental Association

Lebanese Dental Association
The right card for the perfect smile.
IBL BANK Dentist Visa Credit Card in USD is a co-branded VISA card especially for dentists. Free of charge, it offers you a convenient way to make daily purchases while raising funds for the Lebanese Dental Association. Benefit from worldwide acceptance and a free Priority Pass Card that lets cardholders enter more than 600 VIP lounges in all major airports.

  • Minimum Credit: USD 2,000
  • Maximum Credit: USD 25,000
  • Minimum Payment Due: 10% minimum $50
  • 1.75% monthly interest rate on retail and 2.25% on cash
  • Instant Cash Fee on every ATM transaction: 2% of amount with a minimum of $5
  • No annual fees and free supplementary card
  • Free SMS notification for every transaction made on your card
  • Free Wise DSL package/3G package
  • 1 free transfer from/to Beirut International Airport
  • 10% discount on any MEA ticket when you book through IBL BANK
  • 0.5% of all transactions made by cardholders at any merchant location is deposited at year end in LDA’s account at IBL BANK
  • 2% of the total amount of interest paid by cardholders is deposited each year in LDA’s account at IBL BANK
  • The card cycle end is fixed on the 28th of each month
  • You will receive an SMS message on the 30th notifying you of the minimum due
  • You have a grace period of 13 days approximately to settle your due (on the 12th or 13th of M+1 of purchase date)

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