Euro Cards

Euro Cards
Your solution for traveling in Europe.
IBL Bank Platinum EURO Credit Card is especially for people who love to travel around Europe. Spend in the local currency without the hassle of exchange rates. With no maximum limit and a continent of benefits, this card is a platinum choice.

  • Annual Membership Fee: EUR 150
  • Renewal fee: EUR 125
  • Minimum Limit: EUR 150
  • No Maximum Limit
  • 100% settlement at the end of each cycle
  • Cash Withdrawal: 1.1% of amount with a minimum of EUR 5
  • SMS Notification for €1/month
  • Fraud insurance coverage for only €11/year
  • Travel insurance accepted at all embassies for only €1/month
  • Priority Pass Card for all VIP airport lounges around the world
  • The card cycle end is fixed on the 25th of each month
  • You will receive an SMS message on the 26th notifying you of the minimum due
  • The payment is due on the 27th of the month

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