Annual Reports

With solid roots, passionate family members, and a strive to achieve, IBL Bank is constantly evolving and spreading its strength across Lebanon and beyond...
  • 2022
    IBL Bank Audit Report 2022
  • 2021
    IBL Bank Annual Report 2021
  • 2020
    IBL Bank Annual Report 2020
  • 2020
    IBL Bank Cyprus Audit Report 2020
  • 2019
    IBL Bank Audit Report 2019
  • 2018
    IBL Bank, that is ranked amongst the top Lebanese banks in terms of total assets according to Bankdata, registered a strong year 2018
  • 2017
    Consolidated financial statements of IBL Bank sal and its subsidiaries which comprise the financial position as at December 31, 2017
  • 2016
    The Lebanese Economy witnessed in 2016 another difficult year, registering only an estimated 2% GDP growth, which is better than most years in the Cycle that started 5 years ago and was characterized by slow economic growth. As such, we can only be confident about the future with the boost in Confidence that started in the last quarter of 2016 thanks to the successful Presidential Elections, the formation of a new Government, the new Electoral Law, and the new Term of Governor Riad Salameh at the Head of the Central Bank.
  • 2015
    We have risen to the challenge in the past; and, this year, we have also taken action successfully, as we firmly believe that it is up to us, as a country, and as responsible institutions
  • 2014
    With solid roots, passionate family members, and a strive to achieve, IBL Bank is constantly evolving and spreading its strength across Lebanon and beyond... Thank to our satisfied loyal customers, trustful correspondent banks and their continuous support, as well as the Board of Directors and the entire Group’s staff
  • 2013
    The roots of IBL Bank are not hidden. It is not only about the origin, tradition and history, though all these play an important role in forming the solidity and strength of the Bank. The roots are mostly in the relationships of our clients with their Bank. Each of them is important and unique. The stronger they are, the better are our mutual opportunities to grow.
  • 2012
    A timid growth remains better than standing still, especially amidst all the regional turmoil we are witnessing locally and in the surrounding region. Since, despite everything around us, we find our strength within ourselves, and within our respectful and effective family spirit and teamwork, this year’s Annual Report’s sections are illustrated by various quotes and tips from renowned author Stephan Covey, who promotes in his best-seller book “the seven habits of highly effective people” what he labels "The Character Ethic": aligning one’s values with so-called "universal and timeless" principles.
  • 2011
    2011 witnessed the creation and implementation of our bank’s main corporate selling line “IBL Bank, where your dreams count”, which emphasizes on the commitment of our institution to strive towards the achievement of every one of our clients’ goals. The expert in numbers sees beyond just numbers… and manages to make your dreams truly count. The visuals illustrating our Annual Report 2011 are naturally based on our corporate motto launch, emphasizing the implementation of the concept. Enjoy reading our latest numbers… but remember that it’s your dreams that make them truly count!
  • 2010
    Being in constant evolution and expansion to be closer to you, wherever you are, IBL Bank is also striving to be close to nature. Within its care for its community, IBL Bank reiterates its care for the environment by bringing ecofriendly financial solutions.
  • 2009
    2009 witnessed a kind of recovery in the financial markets while fundamentals of the global economy remained unstable. 2009 was a successful year for IBL Bank as we achieved important objectives set in our Strategic Business Plan. In 2009, we recorded a stronger than pier growth and the highest growth in volume realized by IBL Bank.
  • 2008
    In the wake of the financial crisis of our Time, we must stop at what the world have learnt about how to run banks, and why the Lebanese banking sector have proved to be immune. Indeed, after the world economy realized losses estimated at $ 3 Trillion dollars
  • 2007
    Lebanon witnessed difficult sociopolitical circumstances during the last three years, which has been translated into a very slow growth of the Lebanese Economy. Indeed, even though 2007 marked a relatively better growth than 2006, with a 2% real growth, it was well below the average growth of the region estimated to 6.6% However, in this adverse economic environment, the Banking sector, whose total assets represented more than 340% of the actual total GDP in 2007, has been able to overcome Lebanon’s political situation while at the same time contributing to the resilience of the economy.
  • 2006
    Once again, Lebanese people deserve a respectful standing ovation. Despite all the destruction, they have had one answer conveying a clear message to every enemy: RECONSTRUCTION. Summer 2006 was given all possible adjectives but no term was strong enough to depict the damage on all levels. Yet, as usual, we, Lebanese people, have the magical strength to carry our burdens and carry on.