• Mr. Salim Y. Habib
    Mr. Salim Y. Habib
    • Chairman, General Manager
  • Mr. Kamal Abi Ghosn
    Mr. Kamal Abi Ghosn
    • Director - Deputy General Manager
  • Mr. Nakhlé Khoneisser
    Mr. Nakhlé Khoneisser
    • Assistant General Manager
    • Head of Treasury and Capital Markets
  • Mr. Rodolphe Atallah
    Mr. Rodolphe Atallah
    • Assistant General Manager
    • Head of Operations development
  • Mr. Samir Tawilé
    Mr. Samir Tawilé
    • Senior Manager
    • Head of International Banking Division
  • Mrs. Dolly Merhy
    Mrs. Dolly Merhy
    • Senior Manager
    • Head of Accounting & Finance
    • Bank’ Secretariat
  • Mrs. Tania Tayah
    Mrs. Tania Tayah
    • Senior Manager
    • Head of Risk Management
  • Mr. Gaby Mezher
    Mr. Gaby Mezher
    • Senior Manager
    • Head of Internal Audit
  • Mr. Habib Lahoud
    Mr. Habib Lahoud
    • Senior Manager
    • Head of Retail Banking Division
  • Mr. Karim Habib
    Mr. Karim Habib
    • Senior Manager
    • Head of Strategy, Finance & Network
  • Mr. Ghassan El Rayess
    Mr. Ghassan El Rayess
    • Senior Manager
    • Head of Corporate Banking
  • Mr. Khalil Salameh
    Mr. Khalil Salameh
    • Manager
    • Head of Human Resources
  • Mr. Antoine Achkar
    Mr. Antoine Achkar
    • Manager
    • Head of Recovery Department
  • Me. Joe Boustany
    Me. Joe Boustany
    • Manager
    • Head of Compliance Department
  • Mr. Walid El Helou
    Mr. Walid El Helou
    • Manager
    • Operational Development
  • Mr. Elie Hlayel
    Mr. Elie Hlayel
    • Head of Information Technology
  • Mr. Esber Wehbé
    Mr. Esber Wehbé
    • Head of IT Audit
  • Mrs Lina Abou Jaoudé
    Mrs Lina Abou Jaoudé
    • Head of IT Security
  • Mr. Habib Bou Merhi
    Mr. Habib Bou Merhi
    • Head of Operations - Trade Finance
  • Mr. Charbel Eid
    Mr. Charbel Eid
    • Senior Operations manager - Iraqi branches
    • Head of Organization and methods - HO
  • Mr.Naim Bassil
    Mr.Naim Bassil
    • Regional Manager
  • Mr. Ramzi Dib
    Mr. Ramzi Dib
    • Manager
    • Arab Business Development Division
  • Mrs Ishtar Zulfa
    Mrs Ishtar Zulfa
    • Manager
    • Head of Erbil branch Iraq
  • Mr. Michel Assaf
    Mr. Michel Assaf
    • Manager
    • Head of Baghdad branch Iraq
  • Mr. Ramzi Chehwan
    Mr. Ramzi Chehwan
    • Manager
    • Head of Basra branch Iraq
  • Mrs Ghada Christofides
    Mrs Ghada Christofides
    • Manager
    • Head of Limassol branch Cyprus