• Call Center
    Friendly service you can rely on 24/7.

    IBL Bank call center is ready to assist you 24/7 even during weekends. Whether your branch is in Lebanon, Iraq or Cyprus, you can just call +961 4 727244 and we will be more than happy to answer your questions or address your concerns.
  • Safe Deposit Boxes
    Keep your valuables safe.

    IBL Bank offers you secure safe deposit boxes you can store your valuables in all year long to protect them from being lost or stolen. Safe deposit boxes are available at your branch in Lebanon, Iraq or Cyprus in different sizes at affordable annual rental fees so you can select the one that best suits your needs.
  • Tax Payment
    The quickest and easiest way to pay your taxes.

    Save time and effort with IBL Bank’s Tax Payment Service. Pay your taxes at any IBL BANK branch in Lebanon, Iraq or Cyprus with this handy and practical service.
  • SMS Banking
    Stay up to date.

    IBL Bank brings you a variety of products that keep you up to date with changes in your account and world currencies: IBL Bank Cell Plus, IBL Bank Foreign Exchange, and IBL Bank Card SMS Notification.
    • IBL BANK Cell Plus- Be in control of your account. 
      Get a detailed summary of all your transactions on a daily basis for a monthly fee of only 1$ or LBP 1,500 LBP!
    • IBL BANK Foreign Exchange (FOREX)- The latest rates and figures straight to your phone. 
      This free SMS service notifies you about changes in major currency rates and commodity stock prices twice a day.
    • Card SMS Notification- Keep track of all your transactions. 
      Get automatic notifications on all your credit card activities, wherever you are, even when you’re abroad! This makes identifying and limiting any fraud easy. The monthly fee is only $1 or LBP 1,500 only! 
  • Online Banking
    Immediate access to your accounts anytime from anywhere.

    IBL Bank Online Banking is your secure e-banking tool which offers you comprehensive services and great functionality. Do your essential banking without actually having to come to the bank.
    Get real time access to your accounts and cards. To enjoy the practicality of our online banking, all you need to do is request this service from your IBL Bank branch.

    With IBL Bank Online you can:

    • View and manage your account balances and transactions
    • View and print your statements of account
    • Transfer money from account-to-account (even in different currencies)
    • Follow-up on all your transactions
    • And much more

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  • ATM
    Real banking 24/7.

    With IBL Bank’s Smart ATM machines, we bring you a new world of banking services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Via our Smart ATMs, you can complete all your banking operations, including withdrawals and deposits. You can even exchange money and get a statement of account whenever you like. In addition to the ATMs available at all our branches, we also have stand-alone machines in strategic location so you can do your banking whenever you like in Lebanon, Iraq and Cyprus.
  • Beirut Port facilities
    Smooth sailing transactions.

    IBL Bank is here to help you set sail with your dreams and to anchor results. Our agreement with the Port of Beirut streamlines your transactions. This means you can pay all port due fees at any of our IBL Bank branches and at our stand-alone ATM located in the port of Beirut for optimal convenience.