Livret I

With IBL Bank Livret I term savings account, you benefit from an interest rate net of taxes! This means the net interest rate remains unchanged even if there is a variation in the taxation rate on interests. This account comes with a passbook and can be opened in USD, LBP or Euro.
  • Blocking Period: 1 Year
  • Frequency of interest: 1 month
  • Currency: USD, LBP or Euro
  • Minimum Deposit: USD 1,000 or its equivalent
  • Maximum Deposit: USD 50,000 or its equivalent
  • You can increase the deposit during the blocking period until the maximum deposit of USD 50,000 is reached

Other Advantages:
  • A free pre-approved credit card
  • A pre-approved personal loan of up to 80% of the capital with a preferential rate
  • You can open one Livret I account per person and enjoy the benefits!
You can open one Livret I account per person and enjoy the benefits!

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