MasterCard Classic

MasterCard Classic
Classically useful.
Experience the dream of classic convenience. Get the IBL Bank Classic MasterCard Credit Card in USD and enjoy access to up $3,000 credit.

  • Minimum Credit: USD 0
  • Maximum Credit: USD 3,000
  • Minimum Due Payment: 10% minimum USD 50
  • Interest rate - Retail: 1.75% monthly
  • Interest rate - Cash: 2.25% monthly
  • Cash ATM fee: 1.5% of amount with a min of 5$
  • Annual Membership Fee (Year 1): USD 75
  • Renewal Membership Fee: USD 75
  • Annual fees – supplementary card: USD 35
  • Late payment fee: USD 15
  • Printed Statement Fee: USD 1.5 monthly
  • Electronic Statement Fee: Null
  • SMS Notification for 1$/month
  • Fraud insurance coverage - Card is 100% secured and covered with IBL Bank for only 11$/ year
  • Travel insurance accepted at all embassies for only 1$/month
  • 1% Cash Back Program: Client can cash back the points collected on all transactions done at any merchant point of sale
  • The card cycle end is fixed on the 25th of each month
  • The client will receive a sms message on the 26th notifying the minimum due
  • The client has a grace period of 14 days approximately to settle the due (on the 9th of M+1 of purchase date)

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