Debit Platinum

Debit Platinum
Realize your dream of getting more out of life.
IBL Bank Platinum Visa Debit Card in USD and LBP surpasses expectations with its outstanding service, exceptional purchasing power, and free chances to become a millionaire by winning the Lebanese Loto. The more you buy with your card, the higher your chances of becoming the next millionaire!

  • 1 free loto grid per month
  • 1 free loto grid for every 300 $ or 450,000LBP spent on purchases with your card
  • SMS notification for every transaction made on your card
  • Can be used to shop online
  • Priority Pass Card for all VIP Airport lounges around the world (cost $30/ LBP45,000)
  • 10% discount on any MEA ticket when you book through IBL BANK
  • You can link the card to an additional account in LBP/USD (for ATM transactions only)
  • Account fees are only $3 or LBP 4,500 per month

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